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In a message dated 97-10-01 03:01:41 EDT, charger72@juno.com writes:

<< Wrong!
 This is all the more reason to fill the time discussing and disseminating
 opinions and information. I for one am enjoying all the discussion and
 even having to eat my words every now and then. 
 If we aren't going to challenge our current thinking and test our pet
 theories against those of others, then we might as well all just agree
 that dinosaurs were all slow, stupid, cold-blooded, oversized beasts that
 couldn't lift their bellies off the ground and had to stand in water to
 support their bulk.
 If you can't contribute constructively to the debate then I suggest you
 stay out of it! >>

You'll find that when the smoke clears, you'll be no nearer the truth about
dinosaur behavior than you are now. But perish forbid that I rain on
everyone's parade.