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 Peter Von Sholly writes, "I don't know of anyone ever restoring any dinosaur
with a toe in the air until after Bakker's drawing". Like I said, I'm sure I
saw an entire leg and foot reconstruction in a paper or article by Charles
Sternberg the Younger, of what I believe is Stenonychosaurus. When I saw it,
it rather blew my mind, as we used to say in the halcyon days of my youth.
That publication is probably quite obscure as well as the Sternberg Peace
River track paper. In about a month I'll have access to the library in which
they are housed. If you give me your address off line, Peter and anyone else
who's interested, I'll try to get copies of the two illustrations for you.
 Darren Tanke might be able to confirm all of this. That is if he's allowed
anywhere near a keyboard these days.
 Dan Varner.