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Re: Missqouted about Deinonychus claws

Tracy - I'm very sorry if I misunderstood you and bandied your name around
like it was your fault.  Clearly I misrepresented what you said.  Again,

> From: Tracy Ford <tlford@ix.netcom.com>
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Missqouted about Deinonychus claws
> Date: Wednesday, October 01, 1997 12:44 AM
> I've seen one of my post has been missqouted, and I didn't fell like I 
> need or even wanted to correct people, but now I see that I need to. No 
> hard feelings.
> You wrote: 
> >
> >Tracy Ford told me that from Ostrom's original group of specimens, only
> >had a really large claw on digit two; the others were smaller (still
> >but not extremely so).  I was wondering if perhaps some individuals  
> had a
> >really big claw and others did not, thereby differentiating between 
> sexes.
> >
> NO!!!! I'm being misqouted or missunderstood. What I ment, and it seems 
> didn't make clear, is that the orginal specimen had a large really 
> curved claw, and other specimens have a less curved large claw. I 
> didn't mean there was just one large claw found. I was talking about 
> the 'curveature' of the claw. Sorry for the miss information.
> Tracy