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Models wanted and misc

Subject: Models wanted

I am searching for models of dinosaurs, ie scale casts or the like , and not 
the little wood cutouts (yet they are pretty cool :> ).  I have looked around 
in Seattle and on the web but have been less than successful.  Any ideas 
as to where I may find some would be great.

Thanks Landry

PS I also have some pictures of a large bone, about 1 meter long exposed 
in some black shale in an old road cut in central MT and I was sondering 
what I could do to protect it from weathering, its highly fractured and 
is eroding quickly.  I have secured a tarp over it...is there some sort 
of apoxy or resin that i could pour over it?  I don't know, its my first 
vertibrate fossil find that isn't some pice of buffalo.  

thanks again L