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Re: Models wanted

you wrote
<<I have some pictures of a large bone, about 1 meter long exposed in some 
black shale in an old road cut in central MT and I was sondering what I could 
do to protect it from weathering>>

I'm definitely no expert(yet), but for a bone that size the best thing to use 
(from my little bit of knowledge) is probably a field cast of burlap and 
plaster of paris.  For smaller fossils the Museum of the Rockies (where I 
work) usually uses a preservative called Butrar.
    You would probably have to write a message to an expert on where to get 
the things I referred to earlier, esp. the Butrar.  You can probably find 
plaster of paris and burlap at art and craft suppliers, but you would have to 
speak to an expert on how to make a field cast.
    Just remember I AM NO EXPERT.      GOOD LUCK

Larry "Raptor" Akins
burlap at