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Re: CNN report on bird-dinosaur link

At 03:32 PM 10/1/97 PDT, you wrote:
>CNN just carried a story on the article in the current Nature concerning 
>the velociraptor "wishbone" found in 1991.  CNN featured a nice color 
>photo of the velociraptor skull.  Those of you with access to CNN may 
>want to tune in for a probable repeat.
>They reported that wishbones are found in no animals except birds, and 
>the wishbone in V. strongly indicated a close evolutionary relationship.

Well, it's also in allosaurids, tyrannosaurids, maybe troodontids, and
definitely oviraptorids, but anything to remind the public of the bird-dino
relationship is fine by me.

P.S.  Slides are back from the developers: already found a few typos, a
missing line of text or two, and one line drawn incorrectly on a cladogram
(damn!).  Still, I will be able to give some kind of presentation at SVP...

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