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Re: Models wanted and misc

>Subject: Models wanted
>I am searching for models of dinosaurs, ie scale casts or the like , 
and not 
>the little wood cutouts (yet they are pretty cool :> ).  I have looked 
>in Seattle and on the web but have been less than successful.  Any 
>as to where I may find some would be great.
>Thanks Landry


First, check this website out:


Go into the catalog.  They have models of various prices you'll have to 
paint yourself (and even some bronze ones, 'cause some people are into 
that for whatever reason), and also some very nice plastic dinosaurs at 
the bottom of the catalog page, which are accurate, cheap and very 
popular with many of our fellow cantankerous listmembers!

Also go here:


It features many other fine dinosaur models, and is a fun site generally 

If you want more information, write me offlist.  This is something I 
know a bit about.


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