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Fwd: Models wanted and misc

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Subj:    Re: Models wanted and misc
Date:    97-10-01 22:03:47 EDT
From:    MBell16766
To:      n9145756@honeydew.cc.wwu.edu

 Dear Landry, In response to the latter half of your posting might I suggest
a trip to the local county courthouse in the county where your fossil was
found and there finding out just who owns the property where the bone is
exposed. Then ask permission of the property owners before attempting any
work on the fossil. By putting a tarp over the fossil you may be drying it
and causing fracturing. If you have secured permission to do anything with
the fossil, please contact the Museum of the Rockies where there are folks
who can give you expert advice. Remember that the geological context
surrounding the fossil can perhaps be just as important as the fossil itself.
 Enormous amounts of information have been lost by those in too big of a
hurry, for one reason or another, to do the job scientifically as well as
 Dan Varner.