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The Brain

I grew up with the notion that dinosaurs were supposed to be stupid, for
example Diplodocus had a small head , and a small brain. Since humans only
use what 10 or 15 % of our brains
true potential, if Diplodocus used 100% of it's puny brain... well, that
would be about 50% more than us. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting
that Dinosaurs were intellectuals or inventers of the finger puzzle.

But I'm curious, what % of the brain are today's animals using. If a
dinosaurs skeleton is like a reptile, how will it's brain compare? How will
a birds brain compare to a dinosaurs, are the general structures of a
dinosaurs brain in fact similar in all taxa. For that matter how similar is
the structure of a crocodile's brain, and lets say a gecko?