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Re: So-called sickle claws

In a message dated 97-10-02 00:31:02 EDT, akins@msu.oscs.montana.edu writes:

<< In the message you wrote 1-OCT-1997  00:59 you compared talons of raptors
 dromaeosaur claws.  I don't really think that was a real good comparison 
 because raptors' talons are used for grasping and holding prey, not cutting 
 or slashing like I've been saying about dromies.>>

Nevertheless, they're the closest thing we have to dromaeosaurid claws among
living animals.

<<  It's probably worthless to 
 argue about my ideas because the truth will probably never be known, unless
 some strange occurence the sheath was fossilized and found.  I'm just going 
 by some reproductions I've seen of the claw with the sheath.  In these the 
 sheath has lots of grooves in it.   >>

Partial fossilized sheaths are known. I saw some at the Tyrrell Museum some
time ago. They elongate the talon considerably (like 50%). Don't recall
seeing lateral grooves, however. The fossilized sheaths are very delicate.
Perhaps someone on the list can supply a reference or two.