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Re: gallop

You wrote: 

>Again, relative to dinosaurs gaits, I think they did not amble.  I also 
>think they did not gallop, for reasons Paul alluded to.  Namely, the 
>anatomy of mammal spines differs from that of quadrupedal dinosaurs in 
>several respects, at least one of which may be significant here.  Mammal 
>vertebrae in the thoracic region are different from those in the lumbar 
>region in ways that reflect the up-and-down springing action involved 
>with the gallop. 

Yes, yes YES!!! I've been trying to tell people this for years. Dinosaurs did 
not run like mammals, they were not as fast as mammals, etc, because they were 
not built like mammals.

 Dinosaur vertebrae are not differentiated in the same 
>way, and I don't think any quadrupedal dinosaur even had what might be 
>called a lumbar region.  I suspect the very different pelvic anatomy also 
>contributes to differences in gaits.

You are so right!!!