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Paw Paw pterosaur question

Dear all,

While reading Lee's description of Pawpawsaurus (JVP June 1996), I 
was struck by Fig 2 (a stratigraphic section of the Paw Paw 
formation, Upper Albian, Texas), in which a pterosaur snout is 
figured. This pterosaur snout (SMU 73058) has apparently been  named 
Coloborhynchus wadleighi. Could someone provide more information 
about this pterosaur material/taxon or point me to a reference? 
Are there other vertebrate remains known from the PawPaw formation, 
besides this pterosaur, Pawpawsaurus, and further indeterminate 
nodosaurid material?
Thank you in advance.

Pieter Depuydt