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Re: Tech question about "forwarded mail" (no dinos, but important)

I received it as an attachement, but my computer was set up to handle it,
so it wasn't a problem.


On Thu, 2 Oct 1997, D.I.G. wrote:

> Earlier today I forwarded a message to the list.
> At least one person received the message as an "attachment" which was
> NOT how I sent it.
> Did anyone else experience the same thing, and was it a problem?
> I'm using the Netscape mailer, and the mail appears to me as a single
> document, not as an attachment.
> It would be useful to know if other mail clients have trouble with this.
> Thanks!
> (sorry for the digression, but it might be helpful to know this).
> You can reply offlist if you'd like.
> CheerZ,
> ES
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