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(It's even Month of the Dinosaur in Wyoming)
Take a dinosaur to lunch! (You know one, don't you?)

We hope that some of you will take this opportunity to promote the earth
sciences in your area. We've probably hacked to death why everybody is
what he/she is today because of early interests in movies/books (no
matter how inaccurate). But a single spark of your own personal
enthusiasm for the field might generate that same spark in some young
mind that may discover new answers to some of our still-pending
questions of life, the universe and everything.
If you have an opportunity, give a talk at your local library or school.
Tell your local news guy/gal it's National Dinosaur Month and you'd like
to explain what's going on in your area/state/museum, etc. A few minutes
out of all our days won't hurt (honest!).
Sure, we sponsored National Dinosaur Month, along with the help of Ed
Summer and Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette. That's because someone has
to. Once upon a time, you could get national officials to sponsor
proclamations of this sort; but they got so busy doing that they
couldn't get any work done, so a few years back, they called a halt to
it. So, if you want a national special interest day/week/month, you have
to start it yourself.
We were able to interest the state governor in the idea as well, and we
have an official proclamation in Wyoming.
National Dinosaur Month is registered with Chase's Calendar of Events,
the media bible. (It's where those tv guys come up with all those
things, like "Hey guys, It's national pickle week!").
We have already registered October as National Dinosaur Month for 1998
as well. So start planning now for next year.
You should be able to find more information on Ed's site. Unfortunately,
due to some major computer glitches with servers, carriers and software,
we have been unable to add these to our own sites; maybe before the end
of the month.
If you  need more information, contact me. We appreciate your support!
Ellen Sue Blakey, Education Director, Big Horn Basin Foundation & The
Wyoming Dinosaur Center
email: ellensb@trib.com; phone: 307/864-3391; fax: 307/864-3882