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Re: So-called sickle claws

akins@msu.oscs.montana.edu wrote:
> In the message you wrote 1-OCT-1997  00:59 you compared talons of raptors to
> dromaeosaur claws.  I don't really think that was a real good comparison
> because raptors' talons are used for grasping and holding prey, not cutting
> or slashing like I've been saying about dromies.  It's probably worthless to
> argue about my ideas because the truth will probably never be known, unless by
> some strange occurence the sheath was fossilized and found.

        Not such an impossible scenario. I believe an ornithomimid
skull was found (in Alberta?) with impressions of keratin around
the "beak". It was apparently newsworthy enough for local papers
here in Australia to mention it.
        By the way, I noticed in the paper the other day that the
story of the smashed dino in the Netherlands has only just reached
our shores. It certainly took a while to get here, but then we
are the "ass end of the world"  :{) [smiley face with a moustache]
  I'm just going

        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia