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painting models

First off, I'd like to say hello to anyone who remembers me from >2 years 

My namesake wrote:

>Was bad idea for me; I couldn't resist buying model skeleton kits of
>Stegosaurus and Aptosaurus.  Now have to find time to assemble them and
>paint them.

I also have a dino-painting hobby, although now I'm studying again I may 
not have time for it.  In the past I have painted solid platic models 
which I bought from the Natural History Museum in London - I don't know 
where else these are sold, but I do remember they were made in Australia.  

They were clearly cast from a mould in about 3 sections, and to get them 
perfect I had to trim off some tiny bits of plastic along the seams.  They 
were also quite cheap.  Ready-painted ones were available too, but 
naturally I considered my restorations of their colours to be much better 

My latest batch of dinos and other creatures, which I am painting now, are 
model kits from Tamiya (I think that's the name).  These are cheap too, 
but I've found a disadvantage is that there are hairline gaps between the 
bits I've glued together.  I used very little glue; if I'd used more I 
think I would have left blobs.

Is the list interested in discussing likely colours for dinos?  (If nobody 
follows up, I'll asssume not.)  To start off, I painted Barry the Baryonyx 
in a bluey-grey colour, with black spots arranged like a leopard's but 
smaller and in slightly wider circles.  I gave him a white underside, with 
a sharp boundary between the two colours.

                                        Best wishes to all,