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Re: Cursorial adaptations (was T.rex and elephants)

Dear Chris, I really think you have the right idea about ceratopsian
locomotion. The everted elbowed, semi-erect (not sprawling) front limbs
revealed in the trackways, is another adaptation for pivoting. If you have
read Osborn's 1933 paper on the AMNH mount of T."elatus", this is covered.
 Punctures in Triceratops skulls show that they could develop decent
velocities. I like your idea of a brief charge. I've speculated and have
developed some restorations of Triceratops going bipedal for a step or two at
the culmination of a charge. I think most of their offensive activity was
directed at each other, however.
 Greg Paul, with others, will be publishing differing views in the future.
We'll see.
Dan Varner.