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 RaptorRKC@aol.com wrote:

>It would be greatly appreciated if any of you could give me lists (as
>complete as possible) of books or other publications featuring the work of
>any of the following paleo artists.

   I'm not going to give you a list, but I will steer you towards certain faves:

    You may be interested in checking out "The Science and Art of Restoring
the Life Appearance of Dinosaurs and their Relatives:  A Rigorous How-To
Guide" by Gregory S. Paul, pp. 4-49 in Dinosaurs Past and Present, Volume 2
(ISBN 0-938644--23-8) edited by Sylvia Czerkas and Everett Olson.
(Available through the Dinosaur Society-that's where I got mine.)  Note:
Both of those two volumes are pretty good art sources, anyway.

   Another favorite of mine is Dinosaurs: A Global View, (ISBN
0-7607-0261-6) edited by Stephen and Sylvia Czerkas.  My sister got it for
me at Barnes & Noble for less than $20, and it's a fantastic, oversize
book.  Full of great illustrations by Mark Hallett and John Sibbick.  (Also
w/illustrations by Doug Henderson, a paleoartist I just can't figure
out-some of his stuff is really beautiful and some of it just sucks.)

   If you like John Sibbick as much as I do, try to find The Natural
History Museum Book of Dinosaurs by Tim Gardom and Angela Milner (ISBN
1-85227-486-7).  I got it for a measley $9.98 at Barnes & Noble, I think.
(See a pattern here??)  Some of Sibbick's illustrations are absolutely
beautiful. . .  I can't figure out why he isn't a more popular paleoartist.

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