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Fwd: Cursorial adaptations (was T.rex and elephants)

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Subj:    Re: Cursorial adaptations (was T.rex and elephants)
Date:    97-10-04 00:30:29 EDT
From:    MBell16766
To:      Sankarah@ou.edu

 Chris Campbell has "been skeptical of the idea of using the horns for
intraspecific competiton" in ceratopsians. I believe that there are many
instances of cranial injuries in Triceratops at least. The left jugal in the
giant specimen in the Science Museum of St. Paul (Minnesota) has a rather
spectacular puncture wound. I have heard of broken horns. Can anyone add to a
list of ceratopsian injuries? I'd like to hear of any more specific cases. Is
Tanke still out there?This would seem to be right up his alley.
Dan Varner.