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Re: painting models

wa105@mead.anglia.ac.uk wrote:
> Is the list interested in discussing likely colours for dinos?  (If nobody
> follows up, I'll asssume not.) 

I like to look at what modern animals have as marking in similar
environments and go from there.  I was particularily pleased with a T
rex model I did which was sort of a cross between a mountain lion's
grey/tan/and cream, and a timber rattler, especially since the area near
the Rockies where many have been collected was probably much like the
forested parts (not quite so swampy) of the Florida Everglades, and the
Florida Panther and various snakes show similar markings.  Won a Best in
Show with that one at a pretty large IPMS show, once.
What sort of eyes do you give yours?

           Betty Cunningham  
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