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Dino art critic criticism

> T.A.Curtis writes: "...Doug Henderson, a paleoartist I just can't figure
>out-some of his stuff is beautiful and some of it just sucks."
> Isn't well-spoken and thoughtful paleoart criticism like a breath of fresh

   (sigh)  Hmmm.  I should have said, " . . and some of it is very poor
quality."  Is that better?  Or do you want specific examples of what I
mean?  Do I have to have a degree in either paleontology or art to know
well-executed paintings from poor ones?

    Paul's work is consistently excellent.  So is John Gurche's.  So is
John Sibbick's, once he caught up with modern dinosaurian anatomical
thinking.  Henderson's paintings are *usually* pretty poor, although his
drawings are really, really nice.  (Oops!  I guess that wasn't well-spoken
and thoughtful, either.)

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