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Re: Sue sale details!!

Jeff Poling wrote:
>    I was finally able to get some more details about the sale.  Not much,
> unfortunately, as the media office is shut down until Monday.  I'm sure the
> papers will have more info.
>    According to the bid department:
>    $7.6 million was the top bid.  With the buyer's premium, the total
> purchase price is $8.3 million.
>    "Sue" was purchased by Richard Grey, president of the Art Dealers
> Association, acting as agent for the Field Museum of Natural History in 
> Chicago.
>    Backers for the purchase include McDonalds and Disney.
        Can we look forward to "dino-burgers" then, or perhaps
"the scariest place on earth"?
        Dann Pigdon
        Melbourne, Australia