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RE: Sue sale details!!

>>    "Sue" was purchased by Richard Grey, president of the Art Dealers 
>> Association, acting as agent for the Field Museum of Natural History in 
>> Chicago.
> Backers for the purchase include McDonalds and Disney.
>>Any idea what the angle is here? An odd match-up, to say the least. The 
>>"commercialization" of paleontology appears to have taken an unusual path...

   No idea.  Since the media office is closed, I'll just have to wait to
read the details in the papers like everyone else.  McDs and DW *will* get 
replicas of "Sue" out of it, though.

Makes wonderful sense, from a post hoc analysis: MCD 's HQ is not far from 
Chicago.DW (in Orlando, anyway) is still fun, but its age is showing, 
particularly considering Universal studios is so close, and so much newer 
technologically.  A dino or two for Disney would sure help...why not let these 
corps help out?  They should do more, they have the bucks.

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