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Sue Sold

By now many are probably aware that Sue was sold at auction at Sotheby's
today, but as I get the digest version of this list, I won't see it until
tomorrow. At any rate, she was purchased by the Field Museum of Natural
History in Chicago. The winning bid was $7.6 million, but Channel 7 (ABC
Chicago) said the price was $8.3 million. Whatever the actual price, I am
glad to see that she was purchased for a musuem. Since I live about 40 miles
from Chicago, I'm all the happier to see Sue will be nearby. The local news
said Sue will go on display in 2000. If the folks at the Field have any
smarts (they must as they had the winning bid), they would display the
preparation of her bones in the great hall for all to see.

John P. Adamek
Mundelein, Illinois (just a happy hour's drive from Chicago)