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Re: Sue sale details!!

Briefly, according to a lengthy statement that was read after the auction, the
backers of the auction are involved in the following way:

Field Museum receives the Sue specimen and is responsible for cleaning,
documentation and mounting which has been ongoing anyway for a number of months.

MacDonald's and Ronald MacDonald House (the MacDonald's Charity for kids)
supplied money not only for this purchase, but also for a public, glassed in
facility to be constructed at the Field Museum  where the work process may be
observed on a day to day basis. In the Year 2000, the Museum will put the
completed and mounted specimen on public display in a facility that is also
provided through MacDonald's funding.

The Disney World organization (not the official title, I'm sure) will receive a
replica of  Sue which will be displayed at the new Animal Kingdom exhibit which
will open progressively over the next several years in a new section of the
theme park which will adjoin EPCOT.

An additional replica will be made and placed on display at a location that I
can't recall at the moment.

Jeff Poling wrote:

> >Jeff Poling wrote:
> >
> >>    $7.6 million was the top bid.  With the buyer's premium, the total
> >> purchase price is $8.3 million.
> >>
> >>    "Sue" was purchased by Richard Grey, president of the Art Dealers
> >> Association, acting as agent for the Field Museum of Natural History in
> Chicago.
> >>
> >>    Backers for the purchase include McDonalds and Disney.
> >
> >Any idea what the angle is here? An odd match-up, to say the least. The
> >"commercialization" of paleontology appears to have taken an unusual
> >path...
>    No idea.  Since the media office is closed, I'll just have to wait to
> read the details in the papers like everyone else.  McDs and DW *will* get
> replicas of "Sue" out of it, though.
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