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Re: Dino art critic criticism

T.A. Curtis wrote:


> some of it is very poor quality."  Is that better?  Or do you want specific
> examples of what I
> mean?  SNIP

As this is a scientific mailing list and not, one hopes, a clone of some trendy,
nasty Art Criticism column in New York Magazine, specific examples of what you
mean would be highly desireable.

In addition, this list is read by dozens and dozens of professional scientists,
professional artists, professional journalists, professional writers, and just
plain folks and aspiring artists who are interested in learning more about
paleontology and, perhaps, how to make their dinosaur paintings better.

None of the professional people I know personally are so arrogant that they
can't take constructive criticism provided it is specific enough to be useful.
For example, Artist A  positions metatarsals properly under the muscles wheras
Artist B draws dinos as though they don't even have metatarsals!  Or Artist C
left off all of the lower teeth on that T. rex and it looks like my granny with
her dentures in a glass!


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