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Dinosaur models

On Fri, 03 Oct 1997 17:20:30 you wrote:

<<My latest batch of dinos and other creatures, which I am painting now,
model kits from Tamiya (I think that's the name).  These are cheap too,
but I've found a disadvantage is that there are hairline gaps between
bits I've glued together.  I used very little glue; if I'd used more I
think I would have left blobs.>>

To eliminate thin gaps, try the following:
Use chloroform (spelling?) instead of glue. Or use any LIQUID cement
(you can get it at any hobbies store). Forget about the adhesives that
come with kits.

Put the parts together and just touch the joint with a fine tipped brush
embedded in liquid glue. The glue will run along the joint, melting the
plastic. then apply a very little pressure and the melted plastic will
come out of the joint. Let it dry thoroughly and then file or sand with
wet sandpaper. Thin gaps will vanish with this technique, for wider
gaps, you should use Squadron's Green Putty or automotive body putty,
applied in several steps (the putty will shrink some when dry) until you
have the gap filled. Then again, file and/or sand as necessary.

I hope this will help.

Oscar Romero.