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Last message before SVP

Well, folks, this will be my last message before leaving for SVP (I head off
tomorrow afternoon, but teach all morning).  For those of you who will be
there, see you this week.

Some quick thoughts for this weekend:
Congrats to the Field Museum.  Although I had hoped (and helped) to get
"Sue" to the Fernbank (which is a bit closer to me), I am quite pleased that
the specimen wound up at a museum.  I hope that the FMNH will work with the
folks from BHI, who still have a lot of information to offer.

Short frills DO predate long frills in ceratopsian evolution.  Short frills,
in fact, predate horns in ceratopsian evolution.

The type specimen of Szechuanosaurus is an undiagnostic tooth.  Other
material has been refered to this genus, but it is difficult to justify all
these referals.

Talk to you later, see you in Chi-town, and lets see the conversations turn
to some NEW topics the week of the 13th... :-)

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