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Re: Dinosaur models

The extra material at the edges of the mold iscalled Flash or flashing. 
Better to use an emery board or sandpaper on a rigid form to remove. 
Hold it a right angle to the seam so you don't remove any of the real

There are several types of plastic putty that can be used to fill in any
gaps.  Most model shops will carry them.  They need sanding after they
set, but should give you an invisible edge.

I've also used acetone to seal the edge.  It causes the plastic to
dissolve and flow into the crack.  Lots of problems with this.  One. it
smells like hell.  Two, it destroys the surface texture wherever it
touches.  Three, it uses material from the model for gap fill.  (Putty
adds material so it doesn't rob from the model.)  Four, some plastics
won't harden after being softened, so practice on scraps.

I also prefer to use riffler files to clean up the seams, then wet or
dry sandpaper, usually 600 grit.

Check with hobby shops. The new range of materials available is
fantastic.  Especially if you've been away from models for a few years.