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Re: Sue sale details!!

Augustus T. White wrote:
> dwlewis@rmii.com wrote:
> >          GREAT!!! JUST WONDERFUL!!! Disney has to stick their
> >      noses into EVERYTHING! I'm personally insulted by this. This
> >      was just a publicity grab for Disney. Well, this goes to
> >      show that the boycott's really starting to hurt them. I have
> >      just one thing to say about Disney, BURN, BABY BURN!
> ... and cauldron bubble.
> A couple of words, and then I'll shut up.  Everyone has their political
> slant on things, some passionately held.  This List is probably not the
> place for expressing that slant.  If I gave an unfossilized caprolite
> about the politics of the subject, I'd probably consult alt.disney.sucks
> or whatever the hate group of the moment happens to be.  As it happens, I
> don't.
> My preferences are, perhaps justly, of little moment to you I'm sure.
> But, more universally, it is *seriously* bad medicine to mix science and
> politics, for the same reason its bad medicine to mix politics and
> religion.  Both are perverted in the process.  Remeber Lysenko?  Galileo?
>  Social Darwinism?  How long before some fellow-traveller of yours
> decides it would be OK to fudge on an environmental study in order to
> keep a Disney facility from expanding?  After all, its in a good cause,
> right?
> Enough said.  No one can keep a perfect firewall between their
> enthusiasms, and I'd be the first to admit that I've made the same sorts
> of remarks myself, and in the recent past at that.  However, a little
> restraint can at least keep the damage within bounds.
>   --Toby White

well said!!!