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Re: Sue sale details!!

While this is slightly off track (and for that reason, brief), it goes without
saying that corporate contributions have a public relations component. This is,
simply put, a reality of modern life: even PBS must live with these sorts of
arrangments, egregious as they are!

The bottom line, insofar as "Sue" is concerned, is that a concerted effort
amongst the Field Museum, a private charity, and two corporations resulted in
an important paleontological find ending up in an institutional setting where
it will be studied and preserved properly. It will NOT end up on Michael
Eisner's fireplace which, I believe, was everyone's great fear.


> Augustus T. White wrote:
> >
> > dwlewis@rmii.com wrote:
> >
> > >          GREAT!!! JUST WONDERFUL!!! Disney has to stick their
> > >      noses into EVERYTHING! I'm personally insulted by this. This
> > >      was just a publicity grab for Disney. Well, this goes to
> > >      show that the boycott's really starting to hurt them. I have
> > >      just one thing to say about Disney, BURN, BABY BURN!
> > ... and cauldron bubble.
> >
> > A couple of words, and then I'll shut up.  Everyone has their political
> > slant on things, some passionately held.  This List is probably not the
> > place for expressing that slant.  If I gave an unfossilized caprolite
> > about the politics of the subject, I'd probably consult alt.disney.sucks
> > or whatever the hate group of the moment happens to be.  As it happens, I
> > don't.
> >
> > My preferences are, perhaps justly, of little moment to you I'm sure.
> > But, more universally, it is *seriously* bad medicine to mix science and
> > politics, for the same reason its bad medicine to mix politics and
> > religion.  Both are perverted in the process.  Remeber Lysenko?  Galileo?
> >  Social Darwinism?  How long before some fellow-traveller of yours
> > decides it would be OK to fudge on an environmental study in order to
> > keep a Disney facility from expanding?  After all, its in a good cause,
> > right?
> >
> > Enough said.  No one can keep a perfect firewall between their
> > enthusiasms, and I'd be the first to admit that I've made the same sorts
> > of remarks myself, and in the recent past at that.  However, a little
> > restraint can at least keep the damage within bounds.
> >
> >   --Toby White
> well said!!!

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