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Blanket Thank you (to save bandwidth)

In order to avoid sending about three dozen e-mails to various kind
folks who responded to two recent posts, I'm thanking you all at once.
You know who you are, and, in good Academy Award Tradition, I'm not
going to list names:

1) Technical Question about attachments.
    Anecdotally, some people receive "forwards" from Netscape as
attachments which they must open separately, but the majority receive
them as an integral part of the main e-mail. No one had any problem with
this. The one caveat is that if the "attachment" is very LARGE, it could
make problems, but short ones are just fine.

2) Dino Discoveries by Year
Several people responded and we received a long list from George
Olshevsky which was perfect as well as a few additional URL's. It was
very helpful and you were all very kind to respond so quickly.

3) Sue
A few photos were mislabelled (and I'm sure there will be a few more as
we post them). Thanks for the corrections, and please keep us informed
if we mess up again.


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