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>From: GSP1954@aol.com

>First, some comments on what is and is not valid in science. Say you 
open a
>book and it says that elephants can move at 25 mph, and can chase down
>humans. If the author has not documented the evidence him or her self, 
>does not cite a well documented study, then this is the equivalent of 
>evidence. It is not allowed in court, nor is it accepted in science. 
>that even if the person is highly respected, hearsay evidence is still 
>accepted in either venue. 

You may be right about the science end of this, but bad analogy!  
Hearsay is regularly admitted as evidence in court.  Check the Federal 
Rules of Evidence and state equivalents.  Hearsay is only inadmissable 
when offered to prove the matter asserted.  More often than not you can 
find an exception or an exemption and get the wonderful, inflammatory, 
juicy tidbit admitted.

Another really on-point contribution,

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