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Last message before SVP

On 10/5/97, Thomas J. Holtz wrote:

>Some quick thoughts for this weekend:
>Congrats to the Field Museum.  Although I had hoped (and helped) to get
>"Sue" to the Fernbank (which is a bit closer to me), I am quite pleased that
>the specimen wound up at a museum.  I hope that the FMNH will work with the
>folks from BHI, who still have a lot of information to offer.

I would like to thank Tom for his wonderful help, expertise, brilliance and
encouragement on behalf of Fernbank MNH’s efforts to acquire “Sue.”  We
thought we had a good chance, but not $8.3 million worth.  Still, it was an
exciting journey, the highpoint of which was our trip to NY to see Sue
privately at Sotheby’s warehouse.  If anyone wondered why Dale Russell, Tom
and I were in Manhattan, it was hardly just to see the Dinosaurs of the Lost
World at the AMNH.  

I would hope that after SVP, Tom will write about his firsthand impressions
of “Sue” for this list.