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Hello everyone,

Now some discussion about a _T rex_ no one had to pay for :-)

I have just recieved my pictures back from my roadtrip to Montana and
visitation of the MOR and its new mount of the Wankel's _Tyrannosaurus rex_
(plus a few assorted others.

TYRANNOSAURUS REX:  Wow.  That's all I can say.  It is a superb mount.. The
animal is leaning over the disarticulated skull of a _Triceratops_ and looks
ready to take a bite (of what besides horns, I don't know).  Now that I look
at the photos, I see there is a balcony that overlooks the _T rex_ exhibit
area that would have afforded a much better view of the skeleton.  It does
not really strike you until you are right there next to an actual _T rex_ a)
how big it is b) how really un-gigantic it is and c) how barrel chested it
was.  All in all a good mount and almost worth driving 1300 miles to see

DEINONYCHUS:  There is also a mount of the small theropod _Deinonychus_ also
leaning forward seemingly ready to attack the bones of a small ornithopod
imbedded in the floor....  It is in a rather strange pose as welltail
straight in the air and with legs bowed out like a cowboy....

ALLOSAURUS:  In the next room, there is a mount of _Allosaurus atrox_ sensu
Paul 1988.  This one leaning over (is a trend developing?) the leg of a
sauropod.  Good mount, nothing spectacular.

ADDITIONAL THINGS:  There are many additional specimens here and there.
Coelophysis cast:  A good cast of the "canibal" specimen.
Saurornithoides skull: Nice cast of the skull.  It is labelled
SaurornithoLESTES though :-P
Deinonychus hand: there is a mounted hand of Deinonychus grabbing a doorknob
that can be turned so you can see the forearm pronate and supinate.  The hand
has to be all weirded out to grab the doorknob though
Tooth marks: on a jugal of _Einiosaurus_ that show numerous large and small
gouges made by teeth.

The entire exhibit of course, had a scavenging slant on it, and a sort of a
weigh the evidence/murder trial theme.  All in all, it is excelent.  For any
of you attending the dino-list breakfast, I will be bringing the photos with
me.  It is a new exhibit, I don't expect many of you have seen it yet.

Yes, by the way, I'm happy about the Sue auction's results.  Though at the
same time, I'm a little worried because this might entice a few thousand
farmers and unskilled amatures (sp?) to go and scour for anything, and then
auction it off for big bucks.  Not every museum will have 8 million lying
around, and because of that, I'm worried....

Peter Buchholz

"What's that noise?"
"Maybe it's Scuzzelbutt coming to weave us into wicker baskets!"