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I work as a volunteer in the bowman fossil bank at the MOR, so I'm not one of 
the experts.  I plan to be someday though (an MSU Geology major in freshman 
year).  I'd like to do my grad work, when the time comes, with John Horner.  
I'll mention to the supervisor in the fossil bank (She's an expert) about 
the Saurornithoides labeling.  Ever since the first time I saw MOR (late 
Aug.) I liked it.  I really enjoyed "T-Rex on trial" and "A day 80 million 
years ago". The second one of the two, I heard will be changed.  From what I 
heard the Orodromeus eggs are actually Troodon eggs so MOR is planning to 
change that.  I really thought the Deinonychus mount was interesting as well 
as the Pteranodon in "80 million" standing up on its 2 legs.  
   Larry Akins

PS I hope the last line starts a new controversy.  What do others think of 
that representation?  I think it may be possible, looking at some modern 
birds, and comparing the 2.