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Re: Sue sale details!!

"D.I.G." <dinosaur@interport.net> wrote:
>While this is slightly off track (and for that reason, brief), it goes
>saying that corporate contributions have a public relations component.
This is,
>simply put, a reality of modern life: even PBS must live with these sorts of
>arrangments, egregious as they are!

Egregious?  Oh, yes, it would be much better if all degreed paleontologists 
had high-paying jobs funded by taxes taken from the rest of us, because 
that's a much more honest way of accumulating $8M than by selling 
hamburgers or mouse ears.  Oh, yes, Sue on public display in the 
Midwest is terrible, and a copy at a wildly popular tourist attraction 
is even worse.  We all know it should be locked up where it can be 
studied only by professionals.  :-)

- John

P.S.  Maybe Mr. Williams will make a big donation to the BHGI.