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Dinogeorge away for a while

I've been busy this past week preparing for my trip back east to retrieve my
paleontology library and to prepare to dispose of my mother's estate. I leave
tomorrow morning (October 7) for Chicago for the weeklong annual meeting of
the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, after which I'll be in Buffalo until
November 5 (yechh). I will probably have to make one or two more lengthy
trips back east after that, since three weeks will not be nearly enough time
to do what must be done. While in Buffalo, I'll be essentially incommunicado
with the outside world, though I might occasionally have access to my
brother-in-law's computer. So I won't be able to read and reply to e-mails on
anything like a regular basis. I'll just let the e-mails pile up while I'm
gone. Andrea will download them to our computer every few days, and I'll take
care of them after I return to California in November.