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Re: DINOSAUR digest 438

Larry Dunn commented:
        >Of the Tamiya Dinosaur Diorama kits, only the Parasaurolophus and the
Chasmosaur are good representations.  Brachiosaur and the small ones
from the "Mesozoic Creatures" are borderline.  Triceratops and
Tyrannosaurus are a joke.

What faults do you find with the kits, especially the Triceratops? I agree
that their Rex looks funny. (Though that is no more a scientific criticism
than calling it a joke.)

Yes, there are some nice resins out there, and as I get better at modeling
I'll be turning that way. Looking forward to seeing what is on sale in the
SVP exhibit room.

BTW, you seem to imply that you think this is off topic. Reconstructions of
dinosaurs, whether meant for museums or hobbyists (and good dioramas are
both) . . . seems appropriate to me! And both accuracy of the kit, and
(within reason) techniques for presenting it properly, are relevant.
(Anybody who really wants to get into green-putty-vs.-Milliput-vs.-acetone
with me is invited to use e-mail, of course.)

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