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Scandinavian dinos!!!....aaaaand some spinosaur sruff....

You may have known about the Theropod and Iguanodontid ichnites at 
Spitsbergen, and the prosauropod fragments at the south of Sweden. And 
you may even have heard about the Ophtalmosaurus sp, and Ichtyosaurus sp. 
found at Andøya in Norway, but here's something new:
Jurassic formations in Bergen: Whith small (microscopical) bone 
fragments - and Chanses to find DINOSAURS in NORWAY! :D

What evidence do we have, that makes us think that Spinosaurus is in the 
same group as Baryonyx and Irritator? We only know about the lower jaw, 
and the back spines cant tell us much about the relationschip to 


Some propaganda:

Bah! Why go watch JP, or LW? 
Why spend money on a lot of foolish dinosaur books?
Why cry out the salt tears, because they didn't have the dinosaur stuff 
you wanted?
When you can enjoy all that, et the same time, just by clicking on the 


Have fun!