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The World of Dinosaurs Products and Plumcots

The U.S. Post Office is now merchandising a number of "The World Of
Dinosaurs" stamp series spin-offs.  These include mousepads, self-adhesive
note pads, birthday invitations, cards, "padfolios," padded envelopes,
printer paper, three-ring binders and very tiny framed prints.  The items I
saw on display all featured images cropped and enlarged directly from the
U.S. stamp series, and cost at most $15.00 per item (the latter price was
for a set of cards).  Noticeably absent was anything like a nice, big print
of either the complete Jurassic or Cretaceous scenes, which would seem to
me to have great commercial potential, but the current product line should
be a good way to milk this dinosaur fad none-the-less (just KIDDING, carry
on with your good work; it's NOT a fad).

I also came across some fruits which were being marketed in the produce
department of a local northern California grocery store as "Dinosaur Eggs."
 You read that right, "Dinosaur Eggs."  They're actually plumcots (half
plum, half apricot).  What struck me was the little "TM" mark after the
"Dinosaur Eggs" logo, the sign of a trademark, suggesting that actual
dinosaur eggs (the fossils) might be in breach of U.S. trademark laws if it
is not explicitly stated in writing that the fossil dinosaur eggs are in no
way plumcots and are not affiliated with the plumcot industry.  Presumably,
all scientific papers which mention "dinosaur eggs" will be required to
carry the same disclaimer.  I wonder how long it will take before some
aggrieved customer sues the plumcot growers because the "Dinosaur Eggs"
would not hatch and produce baby dinosaurs, as one would presume they
should.  (The sticker on the plumcot features a cartoon dinosaur
superficially similar to "Dino" of <The Flintstones>).  Such a lawsuit
would be very U.S.A., don't you think?  

Ralph Miller III  <gbabcock@best.com

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