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Re: Public Prep

Our prep lab has large glass windows so that viewers can see the entire process.
Several of the work stations are right next to the windows so visitors can 
see the fine detail work required.
Many of the bones brought off the Warm Springs Ranch digsite are left in a
special open display area in the museum, still wrapped in foil or
plaster-jacketed so that people can see what they look like before we begin. The
bones are taken into the lab to be worked on where visitors can watch the entire
Once they've been prepared, the bone goes back to the open display area where it
is labeled and numbered. A light board is connected to a large dinosaur drawing;
the visitor can compare the number on any bone in the display, punch the button
with the same number on the light board (which also identifies it by name) and
see where it would be located on the dinosaur.
Ellen Sue Blakey, The Wyoming Dinosaur Center & Big Horn Basin Foundation