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Re: Second Thoughts on Sue

Dictator-for-life Calvin wrote:

> Here's my point:  museums, by and large, just can't afford to fork out
> that kind of money.  I'm worried that an exceptional, heroic effort
> by the Field Museum and the other contributing interests will be
> taken by some to be business as usual.

This is certainly true -- I doubt even the AMNH could fork over eight
megabucks per specimen on a regular basis -- but I'm under the strong
impression that the Field Museum didn't spend _any_ of its own money on
getting Sue.  The articles I've seen don't say so in so many words, but
the plain implication is that the eight million was paid by several
sponsors _on behalf of_ the Field Museum.  I have not seen any article
that says the Field Museum itself put up a dime. 

-- JSW