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Re: Public Prep

This summer my wife and I went to Alberta for our 25th Wedding
Anniversary.  It was a little touchy, but did manage to get over to the
Tyrrell Museum for a day.

There is so much there that weeks are needed, not hours.  But the
highlight, for me, was the Prep work done out in the Lost And Found
Room.  Scotty ( and I never did get his last name to my chagrin) was
working in the center of a crowd.  He answered questions, described what
he was doing and all the steps needed while working on an actual
speciman.  While Tyrrell had a viewing window on to a large prep area,
nothing matched being able to talk to somebody doing the work.  (Big
hint to other museums out there.)  Up close and personal is the only way
to show prep.

While I was there, never less than 20+ people were watching and talking
to Scotty; which made it by far, the most popular display.

Scotty, if you are out there, thanks very much for the friendly manner
you handled all my dumb questions.  I really admired the skill you had
in dealing with the public.

Off subject but the perfect end to a perfect day was finding the
cafeteria had licorice ice cream.  Hadn't even seen this flavor since
the late 50's, and it was always a favorite. It was a great visit.

Rest of the trip was fun too.  Except for sitting on the train at Field,
knowing I was this close to the Burgess Shale and not able to go the
last few steps....  Maybe next year, if the Gods be willing; and ROM
lets amateurs participate in their efforts on the Burgess.