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Re: Scandinavian dinos!!!....aaaaand some spinosaur sruff....

MGibb21521@aol.com wrote:
> You're absoluteley right.  I think the relationship between Spinosaurus and
> Baryonyx cannot be substantiated at this point.  In fact, I never even though
> of the two being together before.  The spines on Spinosaurus's back must be
> in common with other "Spinosaurs", right?  

Which other "Spinosaurs" had spines? Siamosaurus? Only known from a 

>And Baryonyx has the heavy hand
> claw that is absent in Spinosaurus.  They do have similar jaw structures, but
> that's about it.

Yeah, but the Spinosaurus lower jaw, is similar to many, many other 
theropods jaws too!!

Jaw, neck vertebra, back vertebra and spines, rib, piece of ilium, partly 
femur, tail vertebra; has there been found anything more?