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Re: Dino reference books

> Peter Wellnhofer/John Sibbick
> Salamander Books
> 1991
> 192 pp.
> Rating: ***1/2
>         Although not on dinosaurs, this is an outstanding book. It is in the
> same format as Norman's book (see above), but is basically a very much
> superior work. The illustrations are all outstanding, and John Sibbick's
> restorations are much better than in Norman's book. The text, while still
> easily understood by most laymen, is very well documented with ample
> citations to scientific literature. Basically, where Norman's book fails,
> Wellnhofer's book scores, big time. I would give my full recommendations for
> everyone, from layman to professional scientist, to at least take a look at
> this book. As far as popular books go, it is definitely of great scientific
> value.

In case any of you would like to get this book, (I highly recommend it), I
believe it is out of print under this title.  YOU CAN GET IT though, under
the title The Prehistoric Flying Reptiles, it has been reissued or
reprinted or whatever from Barnes and Noble Book Company.  I don't have
the ISBN right now.  Should anybody show an interest, I will produce this
information (I might do it anyway).