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Re: Scandinavian dinos!!!....aaaaand some spinosaur sruff....

MGibb21521@aol.com wrote: 

> You're absoluteley right.  I think the relationship between Spinosaurus and
> Baryonyx cannot be substantiated at this point.  In fact, I never even though
> of the two being together before.  The spines on Spinosaurus's back must be
> in common with other "Spinosaurs", right?

Not necessarily. High vertebral spines evolved independently across
several dinosaur lineages: _Ouranosaurus_, diplodocimorphs, and some
tetanurines that were once grouped together as "spinosaurids".

All former high-spined "spinosaurids" (except for _Spinosaurus_) now
belong to other groups. _Acrocanthosaurus_ is an allosaur. _Altispinax_ is
a _nomen_dubium_ based on indeterminate teeth. The skeleton formerly
associated with it is now _Becklespinax_, but it is still too
indeterminate to be identified further than Tetanurae incertae sedis.
I'm not sure about _Metriacanthosaurus_ -- AFAIK, Tetanurae incertae

Hmmm... what about those two Tetanurae incertae sedis? Could they be
spinosaurs that were wrongly removed?

In keeping with the original title of this thread, ha det bra--

--T. Mike Keesey
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