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Fwd: bipedal lunges

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Subj:    Re: bipedal lunges
Date:    97-10-07 12:42:28 EDT
From:    MBell16766
To:      v-jclav@microsoft.com

 John Clavin says: "The only time I can see rising on the hind legs to be
useful is in driving the horns into an opponent at the end of a charge"
 This is precisely what I was trying to say when I first brought this up. I
visualized the terrific puncture wound on the St. Paul specimen being made in
this manner. For the time being I am still agreeing with Osborn, Matthew,
Gregory, Lull, Lehman, Ostrom, Farlow, Dodson, Erickson, and Johnson among
others that the ceratopsians had semierect front limbs and therefore may have
needed such a charge to inflict such damage. I never imagined Triceratops to
wander the landscape on its hind legs. Greg Paul, though, has depicted a
ceratopsian displaying a cranial color pattern while assuming a fully bipedal
pose. I had Bighorn sheep somewhat in mind but did not want to start an
endless thread up that blind alley.
 Here's a good question: what dinosaurs have NEVER been depicted as bipeds? I
don't have the foggiest-maybe it will help pass the time for us missing SVP.
Dan Varner.