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flexible horizontal ridge in dino restorations, and Baryonyx pic

I remember seeing in a few dinosaur pictures (I'm afraid I can't cite any 
specific ones) a 
horizontal ridge running from shoulder to hip.  I have a jigsaw with a sauropod 
showing one of 
these very clearly.  It goes wavy when the foreleg is pointing back and the 
hindleg forward, so 
it must be flexible but not stretchy.

What is this?  A tendon?  A fold of skin, like the vertical ones in Asian 
rhinos?  A seriously 
vulnerable major vein?  What is the evidence for the existence of this 
structure? I cannot think 
of any living animals with a prominent line in this position.

The reason I bring this up now is that I made this line the boundary between 
the blue-grey and 
the white parts of my model Baryonyx.  A TIFF of my original black and white 
sketch is available, 
for those who want to see it.  (Call me counsellor Troi, but I sense a feeling 
of hostility 
towards people who post 25K binaries to this list.)  I seem to have lost the 
original - maybe I 
left it in the scanner.

In answer to Betty's question about the eyes, I can't remember what I did with 
Barry's.  But I 
usually make them brown.  I sometimes give them vertical pupils as in cats, 
geckos, etc., if I 
feel the beast might have been active at night and if I can manage such small 

                                        All the best,