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Re: Biggest predator? (Fringe topical at best)

I have heard of something like 50+ feet for Carcharocles megalodon, an
extinct (fortunately) shark. I think that this predator would be in the race
for biggest.
It was certainly big. I have a serrated tooth from one that is 5 and a half
inches long and 4 inches across the base.
Shane Leuck

Larry Dunn wrote:

> Am I forgetting someone, folks, or is the Sperm Whale far and away the
> largest single predator of large lifeforms ever to live on Earth
> (excluding, rather arbitrarily, harvesters of krill)?  Or was there some
> Pliosaur that was bigger?
> (I mean by "large" a product of length and weight -- excluding thereby a
> prime prey animal of old Physeter catodon, the giant squid, believed by
> some marine biologists to reach astounding lengths of up to 45m.)
> Please confirm --
> Larry
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